10 Most Ridiculous Turksploitation Movie Rip-offs Ever

9. Turkish Star Wars (1982)

Turkish Superman
DVD Rulers

This gem of a film shares little to no commonalities with the original trilogy from 1977. Turkish Star Wars or Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam (The Man Who Saves the World) is considered a true classic amongst fans of the genre.

No thanks to the production, costumes, actors, or special effects; in fact, the opposite is true. Take the space battle scenes at the beginning and end of the film for example, where the actors are sitting there with their motorcycle helmets in front of a screen onto which scenes from Star Wars are projected.

The brash plagiarism doesn't end there either - "Turkish Star Wars" manages to be even more brazen by stealing soundtrack samples from other Hollywood productions such as Lost Hunter Hunters, Flash Gordon and Planet of the Apes including the theme music from "Indiana Jones” which comes up whenever the main character accomplishes some heroic act.

It’s almost like the director went “Kahrolasi!” (screw it!) grabbed the script, tossed it out the window and freestyled the whole thing. The outcome is a plot with no logical explanations and a sequence of inexplicable events that can be confusing at times.

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