10 Most Shocking Male Nudity Shots In Cinema History

Ewan There€™s nothing quite as shocking as seeing male genetalia in a film. Trust me, I've had to research for an article on it. There may still be some gasps at the female equivalent, but we€™re certainly more accustomed to their appearance (sometimes even popping up in a 15). A stray knob shot can still cause gasps of horror or ripples of laughter. With gross out comedy reaching higher and higher to shock audiences, we've seen genital shots with increasing frequency in recent years, but there€™s an equal amount of films that show us it with a straight face. Seeing a character fully naked conveys a bareness of the soul and allows actors to fully transmit their role (if they€™re game). In tribute to these brave (or boasting) souls, we present you with the ten moments in the history of cinema where actors have fully shown themselves for art (or, in some cases, for gasps). No one really likes seeing a penis, so of course, no matter how common full frontal nudity becomes, there€™s still going to be awkward squirming from a good half of the audience, but join us in taking a gander at some of the most shocking shots cinema has to offer.

10. Brüno

Bruno Even though Borat is certainly the most genuinely shocking of Sacha Baron Cohen€™s big screen exercises, thanks to the is-it-isn't-it-real factor, there€™s certainly moments that can shock in his other works. Early on in the 2009 "comedy" Brüno, as if staking a claim for the outrageous nature of the film, the Baron Cohen€™s gay Austrian (nationality chosen to allow for a Hitler joke) makes an interview pilot, ending with him doing some rather creative acrobatics with his member. It€™s not an overly funny scene, instead coming across as desperate, but there€™s no denying the shock value; you€™re not going to forget it any time soon. Obviously, it wasn't Baron Cohen doing the actual scene (and it€™s not surprising when you consider the pelvic muscles needed for the stunt), which is one of the reasons for its low placing on the list.

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