10 Most Tragic Deaths In The History Of Comic Book Movies

Not EVERYONE who dies in a comic-book movies comes back to life...


Comic-book movies are commonly dismissed for their apparent inability to fully kill anyone off. It's not an issue that lacks evidence either - over the years we've seen Loki, Nick Fury, Phil Coulson, Charles Xavier and even Batman (at the end of The Dark Knight Rises) evade almost certain death, and you'd be forgiven if you weren't entirely convinced that a character is truly gone. There's a chance they'll be back again later, right?

And yet - because the movies are so popular and these characters attract millions and millions of fans - when there is a death in a comic-book movie, it hurts, whether it's retconned further down the line or not.

And there's retconning aplenty too - the writers of these movies have dozens of narrative tricks at their disposal that they can use to resurrect a long-dead hero or villain, from time travel to alternate timelines and even parallel universes, but often - like in the following ten cases - that doesn't undermine the emotional impact of the scenes in which they perished.

And, because death in comic-book movies is so rare (at least for the bigger, more prominent characters), the resulting scenes are usually rather memorable, heartfelt and... well... downright tragic. Tissues at the ready!


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