10 Most Twisted Characters In Modern Horror Movies

The most chilling characters to have stalked the silver screen since 2010.

Who's Watching Oliver
Gravitas Ventures

Due its very nature, the horror genre is one so often overflowing with some seriously messed up sorts.

When looking at your favourite horror pictures, there's a strong likelihood that the main villain of the piece is a truly sinister presence who takes great pleasure in doing heinous things. It's part and parcel in this particularly murky corner of cinema, and certain characters are so demented and disgusting that they remain with you way, way after their respective movies have finished.

This time out, it's all about looking at the more unhinged and outright evil figures to have reared their heads in modern-day horror.

By modern horror, here we're examining those disturbed characters who have been active from 2010 onwards. That gives 11 years of scares to play with, although obviously rules out a whole slew of the usual horror faces. But hey, it's always good to remove (most of) the big-name chess pieces from the board if it allows for other names to shine.

With that in mind, then, here are ten of the most twisted figures to have stalked the silver screen in relatively recent times.

10. Chris Cleek - The Woman

Who's Watching Oliver
Salient Media

From Lucky McKee, The Woman is a tough, tough watch at times, and that is all largely down to Chris Cleek and his sinister ways.

Having spotted a feral woman (Pollyanna McIntosh) while he was out hunting, Sean Bridgers' Chris returns the following day to knock out and capture his latest prey. Tying the titular woman up in his family's cellar, the Cleek patriarch intends to civilise his captive by using some truly chilling measures.

To run through Chris' many misdemeanours, he gets things off to a grim start by scrubbing her down with boiling hot water, then pressure-washing her clean. That's merely the troubling tip of the iceberg, as The Woman shows the head of the Cleek family raping and beating his hostage, verbally and physically abusing his wife and daughters, possibly raping and impregnating his eldest daughter, and his grim habits all influence his son to very much follow in his dad's footsteps.

Even more eww-inducing, it's eventually revealed how Chris Cleek has an eyeless third daughter, Socket, who has been raised like a literal dog.

Thankfully, Chris gets his comeuppance by having his heart ripped out and eaten during The Woman's final act.


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