10 Most Underrated 2000s Horror Movies

The movies you missed between each new Saw release...

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The 2000s were a special time. Denim fashion was as inescapable as that damn cucumber-melon scent, instant messenger chat rooms blossomed to life and sent the AOL dial up tone into a frenzy, and JT got his proper solo outing to give us the true era of Justin Timberlake takeover. If those aren't the markers of a golden age, I don't know what is.

And in amongst all the glitter pens and velvet tracksuits, the 00s also produced some quality horror movies. Focussing on screaming teens and torture porn before unleashing the infectious zombie epidemic upon the industry, there's plenty of great movies released if we take a big step to ten years in the past, with everything from Saw to American Psycho dropping in that sweet spot of 00-09.

However, not all horror movies are created equal of course, and neither is their marketing. For those that missed the movies that fell between the cracks of the big double 0s whilst we were all distracted with 28 Days Later, a guide to getting a blast from the past you might not have experienced the first time around only seems fair. And luckily, you've come to the right place...

10. Ginger Snaps

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A werewolf film like you've never seen before, Ginger Snaps is the story of two sisters obsessed with all things morbid, Ginger and Brigitte: together forever as outcasts from society whilst they take pictures of each other pretending to be dead. Girls just wanna have fun- oh wait sorry, funerals, after all.

Their sisterhood begins to be threatened, however, when elder sister Ginger gets her period and is attacked by a strange monster in the dead of night, sparking a change in the girl that requires Brigitte to investigate. The fake blood turns real, and the pretend deaths get too close to home, resulting in a rollercoaster ride of a movie that isn't afraid to get a little bit hairy. And I mean that quite literally.

Ginger Snaps is one of those special movies that is more than just entertainment, providing an allegory for puberty and an exploration of womanhood in a way that bubbles ferociously under the surface. It might've been more recognised in the years since it's release, but Ginger Snaps deserves far more recognition for its clever imagery than it's had over the years. It's should just be a plain classic - no cult about it.

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