10 Most Underrated 90s Horror Movies

Only true 90s kids remember these...

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Lots of people remember the 90s as a bleak time for horror movies. Stepping away from the seminal slashers of the 80s and running head first into schlocky teen drama, horror changed considerably between the decades before evening out into the good old torture porn, zombie romps, and found footage flicks of the 00s. If you take a look at the quality of movies that were being churned out, Scream was the defining effort that saved the period whilst the rest of the genre seemed to take a breather.

To say the 90s was all bad would just be an outright lie, however, since it was the era that birthed teenage alien showdown movie The Faculty, and girl power gone wrong extravaganza The Craft - both of which deserve to be added to your watch list if you haven't happened across them before.

And digging a little deeper into the decade reveals plenty of films that slipped between the cracks of popular consensus at the time, making for a whole catalogue of bizarre films that have been written off for no good reason at all. So, in the spirit of low-rise jeans and tattoo chokers, let's get serious with this throwback. Here's all the quality stuff you missed by being being born as a 90s kid.

10. Cemetery Man

Nightbreed David Cronenberg Buttonface
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Life is hard when you're Francesco Dellamorte, who lives on the edge of a cemetery doing his duties as a caretaker for those buried in Buffalora, even when the residents are less than kind to him. Life's even harder for the dead, though, since they keep reanimating only to get beaten back into submission by the end of Dellamorte's spade as he attempts to keep the town clear of a zombie upheaval.

When Francesco falls in love with a woman whilst all these bodies are hopping up out of the ground however, everything turns on its head. Cemetery Man is a neat little horror that isn't afraid to be extra weird, with undead lovers and strange visual metaphors running as wild as death does in the small Italian town. Flying mostly under the radar since its release, if you were a fan of the zombie renaissance we suffered through recently - then this oddball movie will slot nicely into your collection.

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