10 Most Underrated Comedy Films Of The 90s

Some people just can't appreciate a good belly laugh.

The Cable Guy Nipple Scene
Columbia Pictures

We can all agree that the 90s were a weird time, right? There was just something very...uneven about the whole time period.

It's almost as if the ten year span should be split into two separate decades, with one half of the 90s getting credit for initiating social and cultural change on a massive scale, while the other half just sunk into a sea of watered-down ideas, Pearl Jam knock-offs, and the liberal use of fat suits and wacky sound effects in place of actual jokes.

That last bit made some 90s movies seem uproariously funny at the time, but now require a thick pair of beer goggles to garner even a titter. Meanwhile, tons of great, clever comedies flew so far under the radar that they nearly sunk into the ocean to be lost forever, just like that super expensive necklace the old lady tossed to the bottom of the sea at the end of Titanic like an idiot.

Granted, comedy is one of the most subjective genres around, but it's odd how many borderline classics escaped the 90s with such negligible recognition.

So if you're in the mood for a genuine LOL tonight, you might consider one of these lost gems.


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