10 Most Underrated Movies Of The New Millennium

9. Enter the Void (2009)

9 - CORRECT SIZE - Enter the Void Few filmmakers are as uncompromising as Gaspar Noé. In Enter the Void, a film loosely based off the Tibetan Book of the Dead, that refusal to conform or reign in his vision creates one of the most unique, creative and visually stunning films of all time. It€™s also one of the most difficult, which may explain why it didn€™t have a larger impact upon its release. Following a young, drug loving teen in Tokyo from a first person point of view, Enter the Void tracks the journey that his soul takes after it escapes his body when he€™s killed early in the film. From there, we go on a psychedelic, rave-lit journey through the Tokyo nightl as his soul both remembers his past and seeks a new vessel for rebirth. Enter the Void is a long, occasionally rough film to watch, with graphic depictions of violence, sex, and drug use throughout; so basically, it's everything you would expect from a Gaspar Noé film. The visual style can be an immediate deal breaker for some, but it isn't just a light show; there's plenty of substance here. For adventurous viewers, or those who simply want to see a film that is truly unlike anything put on screen before it, Enter the Void is well worth the watch.
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