10 Most Underrated Sci-Fi Action Movies

The sci-fi flicks you never appreciated enough...

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The broad umbrella that is the Sci-Fi action genre has regularly produced some of the biggest blockbuster events. A decent budget has always proved extremely helpful in these movies, the ability to nail those crucial special effects crucial in a film's success. Low budget properties have had to work harder to make their stories work, finding interesting premises and innovative ways to bring the action to life.

This list takes a look at those Sci-Fi action films that didn't garner the appreciation they deserved at the time, with many entries developing growing hatred rather than a cult following. Some of these movies made changes in lore that fans were unwilling to forgive, others had too many faulty parts for audiences to enjoy the good bits, while others on this list simply slipped under the radar.

Films that weren't successful at the box office but have garnered appreciation and a fan base over time have been excluded here, hence the likes of Edge of Tomorrow missing out. Cult classics have been (largely) ignored here too, the films on this list largely being friendless in the eyes of the general public.

So prepare to let go of your high expectations and enjoy the movies for what they are, as we look at the 10 most under-rated Sci-Fi action movies.

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