10 Most Underrated Sci-Fi Movies Of The Decade

Dredd deserved so much more...

Dredd 2012

As the end of the decade approaches, it's inevitable to start looking backwards reflectively, wondering where the time has gone and why you spent so much time watching terrible things and making poor decisions. Such is life and that's why the Internet exists - to remind you not only that it's not too late, but also to bring together all of the gems that you might not have caught first time.

While sci-fi movies remain a big part of the box office, we aren't exactly in a boom period (comic book movies ride roughshod over everything and the ascendancy of horror once more seems to mean we get less high-concept sci-fi). They tend to be bigger gambles and harder sells and as a result, way too many of them end up being over-looked and under-valued.

So let's right some of those wrongs and reassess some of the most underloved sci-fis of the decade...

10. Predators (2010)

Predators Ending
20th Century Fox

Most people's recent memories of the Predator franchise will no doubt be tied to Shane Black's 2018 effort and the strange attempt to wed nostalgia with a misplaced message about autism (with a side of possibly the most unnecessary nude scene of all time). That film qualifies as one of the most disappointing of the decade and not just because of its own failures. It also did a major disservice to the timeline it replaced.

Right at the start of the decade, Nimrod Antal and producer Robert Rodriguez made Predators, which sought to return the alien hunter killer to its bloodier, action-heavy roots. It boasted a great cast - even if Adrien Brody's reinvention as an action hero was a little unexpected - and a nice, dark Dirty Dozen vibe with the cast of expendable criminals and a legitimately great, simple story.

For some reason, though, it simply didn't land with fans or critics as it should have and really great performances like Topher Grace, an unhinged Laurence Fishburne and the always watchable Walton Goggins ended up sadly overlooked.

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