10 Most Underwhelming Reveals In Recent Movie History

9. Vulture's Role - Morbius

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The twists, turns, and crossover potential of the Marvel Cinematic Universe used to be some of the franchise's greatest appeals. Now however, after a wildly inconsistent Phase Four, such aspects are beginning to become a crutch in the eyes of many fans who are becoming more and more weary of the shared universe.

Timelines become convoluted, and the whole thing becomes difficult to follow, particularly when the multiverse gets involved. This has stretched as far as Sony's SSU, which at first appeared to be separate from the MCU, but then Michael Keaton showed his face in the Morbius trailer.

In the build-up to one of the biggest Marvel bombs in recent memory, there was intrigue as to how Keaton's Adrian Toomes turning up would work. Was he affected by the events of No Way Home? Was Morbius actually set in the MCU, since the trailers went so far as to reference all three iterations of the character?

The reveal itself was more than underwhelming, it was pitiful. Clearly going for something of a Sinister Six tease, the Vulture apparently turned up in Morbius' universe and just decided that he wanted to team up with a bunch of other bad guys for literally no reason. This was just lazy, and actually insulting to the fans.

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