10 Most Undeserving Movies In The IMDb Top 250

A glitch in the database, surely?

A lot of people tend to look at the IMDb Top 250 as if it were a definitive list of the best movies ever made; to take this approach when studying the list, of course, is sure to inspire one thing and one thing only: unbridled frustration. Which is to say, the IMDb Top 250 is something akin to a popularity contest judged on the basis that "more recent" or "better known" are signs of true quality. As a means of measuring true cinematic merit, everybody knows that those categories suck and - as a result - cannot be taken seriously. At all. In reality, the Top 250 should be used not as a means of discovering the greatest films of all-time (it is terrible for such a thing), but as tool for understanding which movies have proven "popular" - and popularity doesn't always equate to "good," as said list no doubt proves. That said, there are lots of movies on the IMDb Top 250 that - using that criteria - just don't belong. In fact, it's actually kind of bizarre as to how they've managed to receive so many positive votes and have worked their way up to the very top of the database. Here, then, are 10 movies that shouldn't have made the cut...


Sam Hill is an ardent cinephile and has been writing about film professionally since 2008. He harbours a particular fondness for western and sci-fi movies.