10 Most Unexpected Director Career Changes

When famous directors made a movie that was shockingly different to what went before.

Many would agree that, one sign of a great director, is the ability to identify a coherent style or theme that is present in all of their work. Some of the greatest directors of all time are known for doing just one thing really well, or at least, they become famous for one type of movie in particular. Woody Allen is known for a genre of cosmopolitan romantic comedies which focus on life in New York. Ingmar Bergman, a major influence on Allen, is forever associated with a religious-themed, meditative, psychological drama. Perhaps the director most tied to a single genre of film is John Ford - and it's almost impossible to imagine him involved in a film which is not a Western. While certain directors scratch out a critically-acclaimed niche for themselves, others prefer to beat a new path entirely. This desire doesn't necessarily make a great director - after all, Woody Allen and John Ford have some of the most impressive oeuvres going - but experimentation can be an indication. Often trying something new can be a true test of directorial mettle. But what are the most unexpected directorial detours of all time? Which films created a whole new vista of possibilities for the director that gambled on them, and which were brushed under the carpet at the earliest opportunity? Most of the career changes on this list led to the creation of some of the greatest films in the history of cinema. Read on to find out more.

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