10 Most Unnecessarily Hated Characters In Film History

From Norman Bates to Shooter McGavin, this lot probably didn't deserve ALL the hate...


It is a major part of the job for filmmakers to give us heroes to cheer for and villains to despise. Charming and debonair spies are pitted against cat stroking villains who just want to destroy the world, intelligent but shy college girls are pitted against axe wielding maniacs, hard working sheriff's pitted against hungry sharks.

Sometimes in films, Writers and Directors have us hating characters despite them doing little wrong. Many entries on this list are simply undertaking their job to the best of their abilities, others trying to hold their all important social standing, while some are genuinely acting from a place of love.

The characters on this list have definitely committed some heinous acts, including bullying, poor decisions that inadvertently ended in deaths, and actions that very deliberately ended in deaths. But even the murderers on this list have reasons for their actions, be it due to mental health issues or a nasty zombie infection.

So prepare to take a look at many hated characters from a different perspective as we examine those film characters who were unnecessarily hated.

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