10 Most Violent Westerns Ever Made

Fancy your Western movie with a side of disembowelment, exploding skulls and scalping?

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Violence and Westerns - they go hand in hand don’t they?

Westerns show off the American Wild West in all its gun swinging, wheat chewing, horse rearing glory. Whether the Italians are coming in to add their own spice in Spaghetti Westerns or old time classic directors are showing the depths of the dark badlands, the genre has proved that it’s more than simple fun (though it is that too lots of the time).

Of course, Westerns have always lent themselves to being super brutal, but the films on this list have really taken things to the next level. While gunfights and the tension of a pistol shootout are fun, sometimes movies go that one step further. These films feature depraved, brutal acts of violence, bleak journeys and a harrowing look at both the human condition and the Wild Wild West. They span 60+ years of cinema and show that no matter what changes in the world, the public will always have an appetite for violence. The films won’t just put you off your dinner for a while but they’ll shock you in ways you didn’t expect.

If you think you’ve got the stomach to handle them, be our guest and continue on…


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