10 Most Visually Stunning Movies Of 2014 (So Far)

Looks aren't everything, but they certainly help.

In a sense, movies are a little bit like people - we know we shouldn't judge them by appearances alone, but good looks certainly help, don't they? Impressive, jaw-dropping visuals can often make a film more enjoyable even if it is lacking in other departments, providing us with eye candy to compensate for other shortcomings. Of course, beauty is only skin - or cinema screen - deep, and great looks alone doesn't make for a great film. There's also the small matter of deciding on exactly what factors make a movie good looking. Crisp and expressive black and white cinematography can provoke a strong reaction every bit as much as exquisitely high resolution colourful animation. A crisp, detailed close up of a face in which every pore seems to ooze expression can mesmerize just as a grand, expansive landscape can capture the astonishing qualities of the planet we live on - beauty, after all, is in the eye of the beholder. 2014 has already been a good year for stunning looking movies, from black and white art house fare through to bombastic blockbusters. Here are ten of the most visually stunning movies released so far this year - and we still have Interstellar to come...

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