10 Movie "Plot Holes" You're Getting Completely Wrong

The twist in Signs isn't as silly as you think.

Gandalf and the eagles
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Over the last few years, the phrase "plot hole" has started to lose its meaning. Once used to identify a genuine flaw in a story that should not - according to the rules set up by the movie - be able to happen, it's now thrown around all over the place as a means of pointing out even the tiniest of nitpicks and gripes.

In reality, very few movies have logic-breaking plot holes that actively destroy the narrative and render certain events impossible. Most of the time, any inconsistencies that fans point out are things that seem unlikely or questionable, sure, but if you look closely enough, there's often a perfectly reasonable explanation found within the film itself.

And that's exactly what's going on with these ten movies, which, over the years, have been undeservedly called out for having massive gaping plot holes in their stories.

But that simply isn't the case. Though the explanations for these issues might be flimsy, easy to miss, or easy to misread - and even though you might still find them problematic - they're not plot holes, and here's why.

10. Jurassic Park - How Did The T-Rex Get Inside The Visitor Centre?

Gandalf and the eagles
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No movie is perfect, but Jurassic Park is about as close as it gets. A timeless classic with effects that still look stunning to this day, there are very few - if any - major problems people have with the film, but there is one small complaint that seems to rear its head again and again and again.

In one of the final scenes, Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler and the two kids are cornered in the island's visitor centre by a couple of hungry raptors. Fortunately though, they're saved by the mighty T-Rex, who pops up out of thin air like a magician and chomps one of the raptors on the backside.

So where did the big guy come from? And how did he just appear in the room all of a sudden?

It's not lazy movie-making that's to blame here: rather, if you look directly behind the T-Rex, you can see a white tarpaulin that's partially covering a huge gap in the wall. Now, in motion, this is quite easy to miss, but it would be big enough for the T-Rex to duck through in order to enter the visitor centre and save the day.

As for why nobody heard its loud footsteps... well, that's a different conversation.


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