10 Movie Actors Who Refused To Talk To Directors On Set

7. Linda Fiorentino - Dogma

World War Z

Kevin Smith's Dogma is such a ludicrously entertaining piece of work that it's difficult to picture the set having much of a hostile vibe at all.

But according to Smith himself, he had major issues with lead actress Linda Fiorentino, who played protagonist Bethany Sloane.

Smith claims that Fiorentino had hang-ups about her co-stars which made the shoot far more dramatic than it needed to be:

"Linda created crisis and trauma and anguish... She created drama while we were making a comedy. She was ticked off that there were other people in the movie who were more famous than she was."

According to Smith himself, the situation was bad enough that Fiorentino wouldn't speak to him on some shooting days, making him regret that he went to bat to cast her in the first place.

On the film's DVD commentary, Smith even suggested co-star Janeane Garofalo should've played the lead instead.

Unlike other conflicts on this list, however, time seemed to heal this wound, as Fiorentino wrote to Smith following his 2018 heart attack to wish him well. Smith said of the experience:

"It had been years since I had spoken with Linda and I got an email from her. And of course I was thankful to hear from her and it also gave me a chance to say I'm so sorry that I ever said that thing years ago. It gives you a chance to make amends. So that was my favorite one. I heard from so many people, but that one really stood out for me."

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