10 Movie Actors Who Returned To Roles They Hated

Sometimes, actors return to roles they hated... but why?

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It's rare for actors to openly admit that they hated working on certain movies from their past, especially if their stars are on the rise. However, those who have become established in Hollywood tend to open up about their experiences, making it clear that there are roles they took on which they actually hated.

Sometimes, an actor will sign up to a project just for the money or because they know it will be good for their career - even if it doesn't line up with their artistic vision - but to return to a role they hated... well, that can't be easy.

It's happened, though, often due to contractual obligations or simply because they wanted to make up for past mistakes... only to realise that might not be possible. Some have addressed that head on in interviews, while others are just known to have hated their time reprising these roles, but it's definitely surprising to learn how many times it's happened.

With that in mind, this feature takes a closer look at ten actors who returned to roles they hated, with some having already done so (much to their regret), and others planning to do so in the not too distant future. It seems fair to say some of the names here will definitely come as a surprise...

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