10 Movie Character Backstories Revealed Years Later

The Gimp was NOT a willing participant.

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There's a lot to be said for movies which don't over-explain every last detail and actually let the audience consider things for themselves.

But at the same time, when a film presents an intriguing character to the audience with their backstory left blank, it's only natural that viewers end up begging filmmakers for an explanation.

Though writers, directors, and actors will often refuse to elaborate on the precise nature of their characters, sometimes they'll mercifully offer up an explanation, be it years or even decades after the fact.

These 10 movie characters, each of them iconic and unforgettable in their own way, nevertheless kept audiences in the dark for a long time before their creators finally relented and threw some crumbs to desperate fans.

No matter if the explanations were well received or not, each was certainly fascinatingly creative, whether it showed up in a prequel story released years later, or was simply an off-hand comment made on social media.

While not all fans may consider these revelations strictly canon, they've all come from the Word of God - or close enough - so there's no reason not to believe them...

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