10 Movie Characters Cut From Sequels (In The Worst Way)

8. Oz - American Pie: The Wedding

Oz American Pie
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He might have been a terrible singer and the worst at chatting women up, but Chris "Oz" Ostreicher was a pretty big part of the first two (and fourth) American Pie films. He was the misguided jock who turned out to be just as pathetic as his more dorky friends and he added a whole other element to the films. At least until he was cut from the third one.

Why He Was Written Out

Rather cruelly, Oz apparently didn't return because the film-makers simply had nothing for him to do, so the character just wasn't included. Klein responded to rumours that he had a scheduling conflict by openly admitting he wasn't invited:

"...I sure wish that they had invited me to play Oz at the wedding. Unfortunately, that was a creative decision made way above my pay grade, my man... Had there been a part there for me to play and a part for Mena [Suvari] to play and a part for Tara [Reid] to play, we absolutely would have jumped on board."

Considering how little Thomas Ian Nicholas does as Kevin Myers in that sequel, leaving Klein out is a bit of a kick in the teeth.

How He Was Written Out

He's literally just not mentioned, suggesting that nobody thought to invite him to Jim's wedding, despite how close they'd all been as friends. There's not even a cursory mention of him being unavailable because of his career or anything, which would have been a simple cover.

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