10 Movie Characters Killed In Reshoots

9. Max Neurick - I Know What You Did Last Summer

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Johnny Galecki has a small role in I Know What You Did Last Summer as protagonist Julie James' (Jennifer Love Hewitt) friend Max Neurick, who becomes an early suspect for the figure terrorising Julie and her ill-fated friends.

Originally this suspicion is as far as things went, but when the film was test screened director Jim Gillespie realised that there was a massive lack of violence in the movie's first half following the initial fatal car accident, and that the hook-wielding killer hadn't been established as a serious threat.

And so Gillespie decided to shoot an additional scene with Galecki where Max is brutally murdered in the first act, when the killer impales him through the throat with their hook.

Considering it's a further 35 minutes before the next death, it was most certainly a smart call, ensuring the gore-hounds didn't get too restless,

Gillespie further said that killing Max at the end of the first act bought him more time to tell a story and not worry about the long chasm of time without a death. You can't fault the logic.

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