10 Movie Characters Who Died Breaking Their Own Rules

They played themselves.

Triple Frontier Ben Affleck

Movies are all governed by rules, be it the simplicity of human beings actually behaving like human beings, or the magical mechanics of big-budget blockbusters.

These rules ensure that the audience understands the boundaries of what can and can't happen in a given movie world, but where characters are concerned, filmmakers will often intentionally break the established rules for dramatic effect.

While none of these 10 movies violated the inherent logic of their stories, each did nevertheless feature characters who betrayed their own internal belief systems and eventually paid the ultimate price for it.

Whether consciously or not, these 10 characters all went against their prevailing ethos, driven by greed, heroism, or good old-fashioned stupidity, and ended up on a morgue slab as a result.

Though in some cases the results were frustrating or indicative of lazy writing, at their best these paradoxical characters were strengthened as a result of their failure to commit fully to their own moral code...


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