10 Movie Characters Who Died Breaking Their Own Rules

9. Lee Abbot - A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place Lee John Krasinski Death

The Rule: Don't make a sound.

John Krasinski's terrific sci-fi horror film A Quiet Place revolves around an alien invasion on Earth, whereby the extraterrestrial entities hunt by sound, forcing the remaining humans to live silently in order to survive.

And while this is strictly enforced by Lee Abbot (Krasinski) throughout the movie as he tries to keep what remains of his own family alive, he ends up having to break this rigid rule in order to save his kids near the end of the film.

With one of the monsters closing in on two of his children, Lee makes the decision to sacrifice himself, shouting loudly enough to attract the alien to him, resulting in him being brutally slaughtered by the creature.

You can argue that Lee could've tried different tactics to distract the monster, but given the urgency of the situation, breaking his own code in an act of heroic self-sacrifice certainly made sense - and most importantly, it worked.


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