10 Movie Characters Who Had To Die To Win

Not everyone can make it to the credits if they want to fulfil their destiny (sorry, Neo)...

Warner Bros.

Sometimes on the silver screen, the ultimate sacrifice is the only available route to the ultimate reward. Not every character can make it out alive, and often enough - particularly in horror and very self-serious dramas - death doesn’t even end up meaning much, and the nefarious plans put in place by the villains of the piece continue on unimpeded.

But once in a while a character has to die in service of a big win, and their death facilitates a turn in the narrative which gives the heroes a chance to continue the fight - or even just escape unscathed - and allows the forces of good to win out in the end.

Other times, plots are so complex and layered that a character, whether heroic, villainous, or residing somewhere in between on the sliding scale of moral decency (as we here at WhatCulture do), needs to die just to pull off their perfect plan. In these cases, there’s a certain sweetness to knowing their plan came together, even if said plan did result in its perpetrator’s untimely end.

With that in mind, here’s a rundown of ten characters who had to kick the bucket in order to tick off the last item on their bucket list.


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