10 Movie Characters Who Knew When To Quit (But Didn't)

When your gut tells you to flee, listen to your damn gut.

Fall Becky

We've all watched movies where we've been left furiously screaming at the screen, wondering why the imperiled hero doesn't just do the sensible thing and get the hell out of there.

It can be enormously frustrating to watch, and arguably even more so when the character in question states a clear intention and desire to quit the situation, but never actually does.

These 10 movie characters, whether protagonists or supporting players, all saw a clear opportunity to dip right out of their predicament and never return, but for one reason or another, it never happened.

Perhaps they were goaded by a friend to keep doing the stupid thing, or maybe their conscience got the better of them and prompted them to try and be a hero.

Though many of these characters indeed committed acts of true heroism, it often ended up being at the cost of their own life, when if they just listened to that original instinct, they could be sitting on a beach sipping Mai Tais somewhere - or at least, you know, alive.

And so we salute those characters who knew it was time to cheese it, but just kept going anyway...

10. Trudy Chacon - Avatar

Fall Becky

In James Cameron's Avatar, Trudy Chacon (Michelle Rodriguez) starts out as a pilot working for the imperialistic Resources Development Administration (RDA), but after seeing the savage Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang) order an assault on the Na'vi's Hometree, she has a major change of heart.

Disturbed by Quaritch's actions, Trudy refuses to take part in the attack, instead heading back to base while exclaiming, "I didn't sign up for this s**t!"

Yet as will be something of a running theme on this list, Trudy's conscience ends up getting her killed, as rather than simply quitting the RDA and seeking out less-murderous pilot work elsewhere, she decides to switch sides to the Na'vi.

And so, Trudy later returns to the battle to help the Na'vi fend off the RDA, and though she puts up one hell of a fight while also helping rescue Jake (Sam Worthington), she's eventually killed when her rotorcraft is struck by one of Quaritch's missiles.

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