10 Movie Characters Who Look Nothing Like Their Comic-Book Versions

Who changed most from page to screen?

The Ancient One
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Though the comic-book movie genre is the most prolific around right now, it's interesting to note how much of that success has been found by wildly deviating from the source material.

2014's X-Men: Days Of Future Past saw Wolverine being sent back in time, but in the comic the movie was based on, it was Kitty Pryde; in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, it was Tony Stark who created the titular villain, despite that mistake lying with Hank Pym in the comics; and in Batman v Superman, Batman murders goons without mercy, a big difference from the character's strict moral code found on the page.

It simply wouldn't be possible for most comic-books to be cleanly lifted and placed on the movie screen. Storylines have to be condensed or fleshed out, characters have to be axed if the studio doesn't own the rights, and since comics are commonly more cartoonish and bright, most have to change in a big way.

And it's usually the characters themselves who go through the biggest changes. You'll be surprised by how massive certain alterations were, but whether or not they were warranted is firmly up for debate.

10. Enchantress - Suicide Squad

The Ancient One
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Enchantress was one of the worst (if not the worst) things about Suicide Squad.

A CGI mess of weird, floaty dance moves, a groan-inducing 'sky-beam' master plan, nonsensical origin (why would a professional archaeologist tamper with an ancient artefact she just found in a cave?) and cheesy dialogue, poor Cara Delevingne really couldn't have done much to save the character from its abysmal arc, which was largely a script-level problem.

It's not even like fans of the movie can defend her by saying that's how things were in the comics, either, because the Enchantress found on the page looked a whole lot different from the Enchantress found on the screen.

enchantress dc

The character has appeared in several different comic-book storylines over the years, but her look has remained pretty consistent; a vibrant, green costume with a long, flowing cape and Wonder Woman-esque headpiece.

Since Enchantress was the main villain in Suicide Squad, some effort was clearly made to make her look more evil and scary. The bright greens were swapped out for a darker colour palette and the cape is no more, an item traditionally associated with heroes.

This different look certainly did fit the movie around it, and both also had another thing in common; they weren't very memorable.

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