10 Movie Characters Who Should've Died (But Didn't)

8. Harry Hart - Kingsman

The Dark Knight Rises Christian Bale
20th Century Fox

In the comic book upon which Kingsman is based, Harry Hart is a goner, shot in the head by the book's dastardly villains. In the movies, however, he doesn't get to stay that way. Thanks to semi sci-fi spy movie magic, Colin Firth's Harry is resurrected to live another day in Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

While it was a no-brainer (like Harry, geddit) thanks to the character's massive popularity, that doesn't make his sudden resurrection any less ridiculous or clumsy.

In fairness to director Matthew Vaughn, this does change the dynamic between the spy and his protege in fun and interesting new ways, but it makes Harry feel far less special in the process, much as it tries to recreate (and subvert) the first film's successes.


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