10 Movie Characters With Crazy Backstories We Didn't Get To See

Occasionally it's more fun to know less about our favorite characters. It's the subtle hints to their past that really gets the speculation going. We get tossed right into the action and try to understand the characters through a quick reference or comment. Sometimes the whole point of the film is about a history we don't even see. We either let our imaginations go or go online and argue about it. I was lucky enough to grow up with a Darth Vader, James Bond, Wolverine, and Batman whose past was merely hinted at instead of explained. That's what was so dang intriguing about them! Thankfully there are a few that were never fully fleshed out, but obviously were quite incredible...

10. Tom Stall (Viggo Mortensen) - A History of Violence

Tom is just a small-town guy with a perfect family. He runs the local diner in the middle of Indiana. No big whoop. That is until we find out his real name is Joey Cusack and he's been in hiding for twenty some-odd years. What exactly did he do for his brother Richie in Philly, why did he try to rip Carl's eye out with barbed wife, and why is he so good at killing people? Obviously he was in the mob, was extremely violent, and had quite a past to hide from. Too bad we really never find out. However, that's kind of what's so fun about the big mystery of the film.
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