10 Movie Characters Having A Worse Day Than You

Spare a thought for the supporting characters who were royally screwed for the advancement of the plot.

Movies rely on their background, peripheral and largely anonymous bit-part characters more than an audience tends to realise, as these are the characters who can often symbolise a great shift in power or plot progression in their movie. The most frequently used form of these characters is the henchman who just happens to be terrible at their job, and are killed with relative ease by our hero, as lampooned relentlessly in the Austin Powers franchise. And while Hollywood isn't keen to drop the unlucky henchman idea, they aren't limited to just one stereotype. In any movie where a clear Good vs. Evil battle is taking place, there is always one character who is simply dumped on, and has the whole plot shift thanks to their misfortune. More often than not, these people are simply doing their job, but have come across the crusading hero/reckless villain and are expected to be steamrollered in the name of storytelling. So if ever you're feeling down, just take a moment to consider the days being had by these unfortunate fellows, who simply cannot catch a break.

10. The Uber Immortal - 300

300 features a great deal of unfortunate side characters, from the elephants who were roped into some seriously sketchy military work to the infamous Persian messenger who ends up spending the rest of his days in a well with a permanent sandal imprint on his chest. But the one to take the title here is the anonymous Uber Immortal who picks a fight with King Leonidas himself, which clearly is not a move that tends to end well for many. Things seem to be going well for the giant Persian, who makes short work of the puny human with incredible swagger, like a crazed Uruk Hai whose favourite thing is being stabbed, until something unexpected happens. Thanks to looking menacingly cocky one time too many, removing a blade from his own eyeball, Leonidas takes the opportunity to behead him. Days don't tend to get much worse than being killed in the first place, but how about being killed when you go around being called immortal? Plus for all of his bluster, the Uber Immortal doesn't actually kill anyone himself, despite that and not dying is essentially in his job description.

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