10 Movie Characters You Didn't Realise Secretly Died In Movies

These movie deaths were easily missed.

There are few things more potentially impactful in a movie than a major character's death. Get it right and an indelible cinematic moment has been immediately forged, leaving audiences emotionally wrecked, horrified, or in rare examples, even deeply amused.

However, there are countless cases of movies that leave a key character's fate ambiguous as the credits roll, and every so often filmmakers will decide to take things even further than that, by burying the lede deep within their story.

These 10 films, each of them unforgettable experiences in their own right and most of them undeniable genre classics, so subtly killed off a major character that, unless you're a major fan, there's a strong chance you never even noticed.

Granted, the majority of these "deaths" qualify more as convincing fan theories than strict canon, but examining the facts, there's no reason to believe they're wrong, no matter whether confirmed by the creator or effusively denied.

If nothing else, they add yet another layer - be it tragic, shocking, or otherwise meaningful - to movies that already give audiences plenty to think about...


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