10 Movie Concepts That Shouldn't Have Worked (But Somehow Did)

A Joker origin? WITHOUT BATMAN?!?!

Warner Bros.

There's no telling just what brilliant idea will take the movie world by storm next, which is quite a cool statement when you think about it.

Today the planet is obsessed with superheroes battling with or against each other, whereas tomorrow we could find ourselves praising robots in disguise... oh, wait we did that already... but, you get the point!

Cinema lends itself to the most outlandish of ideas that - in any other platform - simply could not work and often fans find themselves scratching their heads, wondering how they ever became so invested in a little baby tree - before going online to buy the Funko POP Baby Groot vinyl figurine.

When you do eventually get a chance to sit back and look at the bare bones of your favourite films, you may find yourself questioning whether you would have even bothered walking into the cinema if someone had read you the full synopsis beforehand.

When directors and screenwriters are given free rein to create something completely unique, the initial pitch can sometimes sound completely ridiculous. But thankfully, the ten ideas on this list were thrown into production anyway and subsequently produced movie gold, so let's have a gander at a few Movie Concepts That Shouldn't Of Worked (But Somehow Did)...


Lifts rubber and metal. Watches people flip in spandex and pretends to be other individuals from time to time...