10 Movie Crazes You Forgot Were A Thing

When a great idea, becomes everyones idea.

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Dimension Films

In this diverse and convoluted thing we call life, it's still quite a lovely thought to know that something new that you don't even know you want or need is about to enter your life and change it. Be it Veganism, those brand spanking new trainers or maybe even a hair-style, trends have become part of human nature.

However, if you buy something, guess what? People will make it. Then, make some more of it. Then, they make so much of it that you get fed up of the thing and move onto something else...and so on.

Movie making is no exception to this rule and throughout the generations we've found fresh ideas that 'wow' us into a state of awe and that success brings the studio profit. The industry obliges and this list will explore the CRAZES that took our screens by storm without us even realising...

10. 3D Movies

piranha 3d

The invention of 3-Dimensional filmmaking has been knocking around longer than you think. The earliest record of a film being shown using the technology dates back to a September 27th, 1922 screening of The Power Of Love.

For a long time they were seen as something of a novelty - a way of poking fun at each other for wearing goofy, red and blue lensed, paper glasses. Avatar, shattered this perception in 2009 and gave birth to a new way of movie-going. Slick, trendy black glasses and an experience that far surpassed that of the odd, reaching out of the screen moment - we could now live in the world being painted around us.

The trend continued over the subsequent years with The Hobbit, Marvel and Star Wars all enhancing their worlds with this immersive venture. Crucially, 3D was being used as the primary selling point for some movies, and audiences were actively reacting to that by buying tickets.

Now, though, we've become so neutralised to the idea of 3D that a film can't be sold simply on the premise of being able to add depth into your picture. Most big summer blockbusters offer this experience as a given and in doing so the fuss that was caused ten years ago by those blue aliens of Pandora, appears to have subsided.

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