10 Movie Deaths That Totally Trolled Audiences

All the rage.

Star Wars The Last Jedi Snoke Death

It goes without saying that, when they're executed right, a shocking movie death can take a film to the next level of both thrills and emotion, ensuring that audiences never forget what they've just seen.

But sometimes there's the prevailing feeling that a filmmaker is deliberately toying with the audience, by serving up an unpredictable death that, for better or worse, is mostly intended to leave viewers baffled and confused.

In some cases it was clearly the right call: cleverly subverting expectations with a surprise death can prove genuinely refreshing, but in other instances it simply felt like a shock for shock's own sake, rather than because it made dramatic sense.

Granted, some of these death scenes are massively divisive among fans and there's no clear consensus on whether or not the "troll" was worth it, but the online response to each nevertheless proves how thoroughly bamboozled so many felt.

From the stunningly anti-climactic demise of screen icons to clever final "gotcha!" deaths, these are the cinematic dirt naps that left everyone speechless in one way or another...


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