10 Movie Deaths We All Wanted (But Never Got)

9. Mick Taylor - Wolf Creek

Gone Girl
Dimension Films

The fact that this serial killer's motives are entirely based on xenophobia - a far, far worse reason to go on a murder spree than simply being mentally deranged - means that we were all rooting for his death immediately and throughout.

In the first of the two Wolf Creek films, Mick Taylor offers to help Liz, Kristy and Ben after he had secretly sabotaged their car. He then drugs and tortures them for little to no purpose outside of his own psychopathic entertainment and ends the film having killed Liz and Kristy, plus another random passer-by.

He even slowly severs Liz's spinal cord so she can't run.

This messed-up violence continues straight on into the second instalment, as he brutally murders two police officers who had simply been a bit rude to him after pulling him over. Continuing his trend of tricking, torturing and murdering tourists, he has an additional twenty-four confirmed kills by the movie's end.

Yes, Mick Taylor can be quite funny. Yes, he can even be somewhat charming at times. Does that justify anything that he has done? Or absolve him of the murders of countless innocent people in the name of disliking tourists in his country? Absolutely not.

What makes it even worse is that he goes completely unpunished.


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