10 Movie Details You Definitely Missed The First Time

Sneaking porn into movies. Why not?

Alan Partridge

There's something to be said for a film that opens itself up to audiences on repeat viewings, allowing them to discover details hidden just below the surface - or perhaps even concealed in plain sight.

There's a delicate art to planting a reference or Easter egg subtly enough that it can actually be discovered, yet not so obviously that it screams out to every single person watching.

These 10 films all lay claim to details that are either clever, hilarious, or delightfully weird - if not all three - and though just about everyone missed them on an initial viewing, you might've stumbled upon them on a repeat sit.

And thanks to dedicated communities like /r/MovieDetails, these sneaky details can be brought to light rather than waiting for audiences to uncover them on their own.

Most of these details certainly aren't impossible to spot, and once they're pointed out to you you might well wonder why you never caught them in the first place.

Others are a little trickier and require more deductive thought, but aren't punishingly obscure either. Either way, virtually nobody saw them coming the first time they watched these movies...

10. Homer's Crashed Ambulance Is STILL THERE 17 Years Later - The Simpsons Movie

Alan Partridge

One of the most iconic episodes of The Simpsons is the season two all-timer "Bart the Daredevil," where Homer (Dan Castellaneta) attempts and fails to jump Springfield Gorge, horribly crippling himself in the process.

The best part of the gag? After Homer is loaded into an ambulance, the ambulance crashes into a nearby tree, sending the gurney rolling out and falling back down the cliff.

This received a sneaky callback 17 years later in The Simpsons Movie, when Homer and Bart jump Springfield George once more and the very same crashed ambulance is briefly visible on-screen for a few fleeting shots.

Beyond the brilliant callback, it's hilarious that the authorities never bothered to tow the totalled ambulance away, and that weather conditions haven't caused it to roll back down the gorge itself.

The Simpsons Ambulance

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