10 Movie Directors Who Deserve Their Own Biopic

Stanley-Kubrick-11 If executed correctly, biopics can be an absolutely wonderful thing. There are (and have been) a ridiculous amount of truly interesting people in this world, and without biographical films, a lot of us would never know the details of their existence. A solid portion of those aforementioned interesting people happen to be movie directors, but for whatever reason, films about filmmakers haven't had too much success in the past. Take last year, for example. Two separate Alfred Hitchcock films were released: HBO's The Girl and Sacha Gervasi's Hitchcock. The former was panned by critics, but managed to get a Golden Globe nomination, while the latter received mixed reviews, and was ultimately considered a huge disappointment. That being said, I think we're all due for a truly great biopic revolving around a deserving director: he's 10 we think would make for some seriously great cinema.

10. Quentin Tarantino

quentintarantino Who is Quentin Tarantino? Aside from being one of the most talented writer/directors of all-time, he's quite the interesting man. Dropping out of high school at just fifteen years old, the lifelong cinephile worked at a video store (the now-defunct Video Archives) until he got his film career off the ground with Reservoir Dogs. While working at Video Archives, QT started work on My Best Friend's Birthday - the film that was originally intended to be his debut feature. Due to a lab fire during the editing of the movie, more than half of it was destroyed. Thankfully, this didn't keep him down, as he completed Reservoir Dogs, his proper debut, a few short years later. The rest, as they say, is history. Think about it: a film revolving around an aspiring filmmaker, messing around with his fellow movie loving friends at an old school video store, while attempting to make a film. It gets destroyed, but who cares? He eventually constructs a masterpiece. Awesome, right? Other ideas could be the making of Pulp Fiction - or if you want to get really ambitious, his entire life. Regardless, Tarantino is a burst of energy, and a joy to watch. I don't know what actor would be able to pull the role off, but he would have to be a little insane.
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