10 Movie Dystopias To Make You Feel Better About The Current Political Hellscape

Sci-fi has taught us that things can always be worse.


Look, there's no way to sugar coat this: things are pretty bleak at the moment, politically speaking.

Regardless of nationality or political affiliation, there's a lot of crazy stuff happening that is making everyone feel a little jumpy. Will there be a war with North Korea? Will women have all their rights taken away? Will the UK be forced to leave Eurovision? Who knows - anything is possible at this point.

What's needed right now is a deep breath, a pause to calm down, and to remember that no matter how bad we have it, it could be worse. The imaginations of some of our most celebrated sci-fi movie writers have already birthed worse, in fact.

Dystopian films, on the whole, are made to reflect perceived societal ills taken to an exaggerated extreme for effect. They're an opportunity to posit what could happen if certain social or political problems are allowed to continue.

And for that reason, they're an incredibly interesting way to examine what were considered the hot button issues at any given point in time. They're also, generally speaking, horribly depressing. Unless, of course, you're looking to make yourself feel a little better about the world we live in right now, in which case they might be just the thing you need.

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