10 Movie Easter Eggs Added At The Last Minute

No time like the eleventh hour.

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Easter eggs, don't we all love 'em? Though sneaky visual gags rarely make a movie in of themselves, they can be a fun way for filmmakers to reward keen-eyed fans and also make repeat viewings more worthwhile.

And given that Easter eggs usually require some manner of preparation - be it getting a prop made or bringing an actor into the fold - they generally have to be thought-out relatively far in advance, despite how 98% of audiences will surely miss them entirely.

And yet, in the case of these 10 Easter eggs from (mostly) hugely successful movies, each only came about at the very last minute.

Whether due to an actor's dubious availability, an eleventh-hour spark of genius from the filmmakers or an utterly random coincidence, these neat gags almost never happened altogether.

So, the next time you're watching a movie and spot a clever Easter egg, consider how much time and effort was probably spent - and how many conversations with the studio's legal team were had - before it passed across your eyes...

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