10 Movie Endings Darker Than You Remembered

9. The Polar Bear Totally Eats Yona & Timmy - Snowpiercer

District 9
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Bong Joon-ho's terrific sci-fi actioner Snowpiercer ends on what appears to be a somewhat optimistic note, as the titular train is derailed and apparent sole survivors Yona (Go Ah-sung) and Timmy (Marcanthonee Reis) step out into the tundra.

In the film's final moments, they spot a polar bear in the distance, suggesting that life does in fact exist outside of the train, providing a faint glimmer of hope for both their own survival and humanity's as a whole.

That is, until you consider the more grim probability that Yona and Timmy are about to get devoured by a likely very hungry polar bear.

Given that they've spent their entire lives onboard the train and have nothing in the way of defensive capabilities, there's absolutely nothing they'll be able to do if that bear, which isn't very far away at all, comes their way, which it probably would.

And even if they're not eaten by the bear, they've got little in the way of basic survival skills to endure the harsh elements, find food, and create shelter for themselves. Either way, they're toast.

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