10 Movie Endings That Are Secretly Depressing

...and then everyone in China died.

The Incredibles 2

You know that feeling: the lights coming on in the theater and spreads just like the warmth in your chest at seeing the characters you've grown to care for get their just reward. Everything ended so well for everyone.

But then, as you sit there thinking too hard about a movie that is really just for your entertainment, something starts to niggle at the back of your mind. The realization that something is very wrong. That what at first appeared to be a happy ending is actually increasingly grim the more logic you apply to it. Or maybe you're too obsessive about details that don't matter and you shouldn't be picking apart creative narratives people poured their hearts into.

Too late: this article exists. Enjoy these 10 seemingly happy movie endings that are actually straight up depressing.

10. Storks

The Incredibles 2
Warner Bros.


Storks used to deliver babies, but they switched to delivering packages for Cornerstore 18-years prior. A stork and a human unintentionally create a baby in the retired baby factory, and then have to go on comedic and slapstick-filled road-trip-style adventure to find the newborn's rightful family.

In the end, the baby factory is accidentally put back into production, and storks decide to go back to the work they are destined for: delivering babies.

But Wait...

Awesome. Except, things get a little weird if you think too hard about the ending. Collecting in the abandoned factory is some 18-years worth of letters for babies couples desperately wanted at the time they wrote them. All those babies are made in mass on one fateful day, and then delivered around the world to people everywhere.

This isn't just some surprise pregnancy. This is a living, breathing fully formed infant dropped into your arms. Broken up? Already adopted? Currently pregnant? Decided kids weren't really your thing? Wanted a baby when you were 42, but now your 60? Too bad. There has just been a global baby boom of the sorts we've never seen.

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