10 Movie Endings That Left A Sour Taste In Your Mouth

9. "I'm So Sorry..." - Buried

Buried is a film made memorable because - for the entire length of its 95-minute runtime - it stars Ryan Reynolds in a coffin, buried alive.

The events of the film transpire as follows: Reynolds' character, Paul, a truck driver working in Iraq, awakens to discover that he's been buried alive and that the people responsible are demanding a ransom of $5 million. Not the sort of situation you want to wake up to find yourself in, that's for sure. All he has is a Zippo lighter and a cell phone. Despite various attempts to discover his location, however, Paul's luck eventually runs out. Gulp!

Just when you think Paul will be rescued, then, the film takes a jarring turn: his saviours have dug up the wrong coffin, it turns out. "I'm sorry, Paul," comes a voice over the phone, "I'm so sorry." At which point, the coffin begins to fill with sand and Paul starts to suffocate. Buried then cuts to black, as you - the movie-goer - struggle to comprehend his fate.

As far as movie endings go, this isn't one you're likely to forget. But it's also one that leaves you feeling kind of traumatised, purely because it feels so heartless. You invest all this time in Paul's plight, after all, and are led to believe - up until the final moments, no less - that he'll make it. Then it's made clear that Paul is done for, and it dawns upon you: you've just watched a man live out the last 95 minutes of his life. If that ain't sour, then what is?


Sam Hill is an ardent cinephile and has been writing about film professionally since 2008. He harbours a particular fondness for western and sci-fi movies.