10 Movie Endings That Were Profoundly Insulting

Fantastic? Not so much.

Endings can typically make or break a movie: get it right and you leave the audience on a chest-beating high they won't soon forget, but get it wrong and you'll leave them wondering what the hell happened.

Granted, these major highs and lows are relatively uncommon and most film endings fall in the "good-to-mediocre" range, but sometimes a filmmaker will make what seems to be an extra-special effort to piss the audience off.

For every emotional, richly satisfying ending, there's one that isn't just bad or poorly thought-out: it feels as though the writer and director want to actively antagonise the viewer and call them out for something.

These films, whether good or bad up until their ending, annihilated all audience goodwill with their final sequence, proving how little grasp they had on their own story and characters, and apparently how much they hated the people watching.

Every film has its defenders, but in the case of these extremely unsatisfying, miscalculated and misguidedly bonkers endings, there's little point trying to make sense of how the filmmakers ruined everything so thoroughly...


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