10 Movie Endings That Were Profoundly Insulting

8. Pixels

Pixels Josh Gad Qbert
Columbia Pictures

There are so many questionable things in Adam Sandler's painfully bad video game-themed "comedy" Pixels, but nothing more than its final moment, which represents the culmination of Ludlow Lamonsoff's (Josh Gad) romantic arc throughout the entire movie.

You see, at one point in the film, an alien invader takes the form of Lady Lisa (Ashley Benson), a beautiful, kick-ass video game heroine Ludlow has been crushing on since childhood, who is eventually convinced to help the humans fight back against the other aliens.

When the threat is defeated at the end of the film, though, Lady Lisa is destroyed along with her cohorts, leaving Ludlow miserable...until Q*Bert randomly decides to transform himself into the likeness of Lisa, and the two passionately make out. Yeah.

It gets worse than a creepy nerd making out with a legendary video game character wearing a hot lady skin, though.

The very final scene of the film reveals that Ludlow and Q*Bert-Lisa are now not only married, but they've had little Q*Bert babies, too.

In addition to making no sense at all mechanically, it actively butchers an iconic video game character by...forcing him into a weird sexual relationship with Josh Gad. Just...what!?


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