10 Movie Fan Theories The Creators Completely Rejected

That kid in Jurassic Park definitely didn't grow up to train raptors...

Jurassic World
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There's nothing movie fans love more than a healthy dose of speculation, with fan theories being the most creative form that speculation takes.

If you search hard enough, you can find theories on just about anything (looking for a connection between Pennywise and Harry Potter? You got it!), and it's generally quite fun to read over whatever crazy, intricate stuff people are able to come up with.

Of course, rarely is this stuff true - one of the most enjoyable things about fan theories is their outlandish nature, which usually makes them incorrect - and over the years, this has been pointed out by the people behind the films in question, with the creators essentially flipping you the bird, or telling you to stop being such a whimsical little snowflake.

Some of the most popular movies of all time have had their most prevalent fan theories debunked at some point, but on the plus side, it's interesting to hear filmmaking talent react to the ways people interpret their movies, even if they're only there to say those interpretations are wrong.

And oh boy, do they do that a lot...

10. Tangled/Frozen

Jurassic World

The Theory: At the start of Frozen, Anna and Elsa's parents are shown being killed in a boat crash - but their destination is never mentioned.

It was then theorised by many that the parents were travelling to the wedding of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider - the main characters from Tangled - but a violent storm took their lives before they made it.

Then, more fuel was added to the Tangled-Frozen-connection fire when Rapunzel and Flynn were spotted at the end of Frozen, attending Elsa's coronation. Do the two movies exist in the same universe?

The Rejection: Well, not according to Mandy Moore, who voiced Rapunzel in Tangled and its subsequent TV series.

When asked about the connection in an interview with TVLine, the actress said "I don’t know if we need any crossovers at this point", before adding "there is no connection as far as I know".

This theory has also been disproven by fans many times over the years, making the appearance of Rapunzel and Flynn at the end of Frozen... nothing more than a cute easter egg. Sorry to burst that bubble.


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