10 Movie Franchises That Brilliantly Reinvented Characters

Though hard to believe, many of these iconic characters were created from pretty bland beginnings.

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Some of the best cinema characters weren't that spectacular to begin with. Creating iconic or memorable characters is hard; many times the work is left to whoever creates the sequel. They build on what was established or sometimes start over from scratch.

Whatever the reasons, these franchises have brilliantly reinvented some of their characters for the better.

10. Ethan Hunt Is Given Better Motivation Than Simply Being An Action Hero - Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Toy Story Bo Peep
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Ethan Hunt has always been whatever the script needed him to be - funny, smart, clever, but never engaging. The attempts to make him down to earth in MI:3 and to turn him into Bond in MI:2 never really panned out.

The franchise was only as good as it's next stunt. And then Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol director Brad Bird got ahold of him and reinvented Ethan Hunt as a man trying to keep things together as everything falls apart.

The narrative decision to dump Ethan's wife could have gone terribly wrong, but Bird manages to work it into the story organically while staying true to the visions of the directors before him.

Ethan Hunt had been the face of the franchise, but Ghost Protocol reminded us he had a name and a story. That sequel was the base upon which Rogue Nation and Fallout built when they further developed the character. Each iteration became tonally consistent once there was something to start with. The changes made to Ethan Hunt are gradual, leading to the best version in Fallout, but it all started with Ghost Protocol.

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