10 Movie Franchises That Didn't Care About HUGE Plot Holes

9. The Xenomorph's Contradictory Origins - Alien

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The Alien franchise is proof perfect of how ambiguity can best serve a compelling movie antagonist...and how desperate sequels can completely derail that mystery.

James Cameron's Aliens made it clear that the facehuggers are birthed from eggs laid by the xenomorph Queen, yet Alien: Covenant effectively ret-conned the Queen out of existence by revealing that the eggs were actually first created by malevolent android David (Michael Fassbender).

But David doesn't create alien Queens with these eggs, instead breeding the immature "neomorph" aliens until he is finally able to make the "perfect organism" - aka the traditional xenomorph from the earlier films.

The messy origins of the xeno are further muddied by the fact that Prometheus showed an ancient mural with a distinctly xenomorph-like creature.

Does this mean that David simply created his own sub-species, or did Ridley Scott discard Prometheus in his quest to quell the divisive fan response?

Worse still, given that the Space Jockey from Alien has fossilised by the time it's discovered by the Nostromo's crew, we're left to assume that it and the xenomorph eggs have been there for a long time - hundreds or thousands of years - and certainly more than the 18 years between the events of Alien: Covenant and Alien.

Considering how sloppy the series' grasp on its own logic is, and how it seems to only get messier with each new movie, it's probably reasonable not to expect any new sequel to actually iron it out.


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