10 Movie Franchises That Embarrassed Their Creators

All the regret.

The business of creation and ownership in Hollywood is extremely complex and delicate, such that the originators of a popular movie IP may no longer have much say in the property altogether.

And with producers being as forceful and money-hungry as they so typically are, it's not terribly surprising that ousted creators are often left unhappy with the results when their work is fed through the Hollywood sausage factory.

This has so often resulted in single movies which were diluted through a glut of unnecessary sequels, veering away from the original intent of the instigating filmmaker or author of the source novel.

And this is occasionally apparent enough that the creators themselves can't hide their humiliation, vocally making their feelings about said franchise felt.

But when it's the reputation of both yourself and the "baby" you've created at stake, it's easy to see why these artists have gotten so tetchy about their projects being pushed and pulled in unwanted directions.

Whether audiences felt the same, of course, is a whole other can of worms...


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