10 Movie Franchises That Ruined Iconic Characters Twice

Dark Phoenix messed up Jean Grey? Not again!!

Jean Grey Sophie Turner Famke Janssen X Men

Doing justice to a much-loved pop-culture icon is never easy, and as history has proven, fans of these characters tend to be fiercely protective of how they're depicted on screen.

You can't please everyone, of course, but it's safe to say that these franchises botched their portrayals of iconic heroes and villains adapted from comic books, novels and also previous movies in the series itself.

But screwing up a character once isn't the end of the world: you re-cast in the future and move on, hopefully with a greater consideration for what fans actually want to see.

Sadly in the case of these 10 characters, however, they were ruined not just once but twice in their respective franchises, typically due to a lack of fresh ideas, misguided casting or simply outright laziness.

In some instances the character was eventually redeemed, but it's fair to say that others have been so thoroughly ruined it's tough to imagine Hollywood taking a third chance on them anytime soon...

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