10 Movie Franchises We Never Want To See Rebooted Again

9. Robocop

Terminator 5
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Paul Verhoeven's Robocop remains one of the definitive action movies of the 1980s and endures as one of the most watchable entries in the genre today thanks to a mix of subversive humor and R-rated set-pieces that still hold up.

From there, the wheels started falling off and the two sequels were painfully generic, with the third installment in particular a low point for Murphy. Like anything with even the merest hint of name recognition, Robocop was eventually rebooted in 2014 as the star of a $130m blockbuster that did decent business at the box office, but felt like every other action movie that rolled off the Hollywood production line at the time.

Any plans for another entry were immediately nixed, with the focus instead shifting to rebooting yet again in an effort to capitalize on the trend for legacy sequels. Neill Blomkamp was attached to Robocop Returns for a while before dropping out, even making his intentions clear to bring back Peter Weller despite the actor showing no interest in doing so. At this point, they should just abandon ship, because Robocop's big-screen reputation has already been tarnished enough at this point.

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